About Us

As Translatedict, we are an experienced translation company with capabilities and technologies to meet your global needs. We adapt linguistic solutions to your specific requirements.

Our professional translators are native speakers with professional experience in the industries for which they translate. In addition, you get fast delivery times at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

We meet all translation and proofreading needs thanks to our highly experienced linguistics and we always offer unbeatable prices, but with highest quality as we believe that translating content for other markets is only part of the puzzle.

The competitive advantage and success in foreign markets is achieved through a consistent treatment of all aspects related to its content. By content, we understand not only text, but also graphics, web media, news sites, blogs and all the traditional media that your customers can use.

We offer our customers 24/7 support as Translatedict. Our professional linguists and customer service representatives are always available to our clients by email or telephone